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Add/delete a map layer to/from a layer group

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What is layer group?

A layer group consists of multiple layers that you would group together based on common attributes. You can group layers with data that fall within the same spatial extent or the same time period, or that are of the same data types, etc.

You can create a new layer group and assign it with layers by using the vMAP Admin Center, please check Manage layer group for vMAP for details. Alternatively, once you have created a layer group from the vMAP Admin Center, when you create a new layer in vMAP Portal there is an option to assign this layer to a layer group.

How do I add a layer to a layer group?

Select the new-layer item from the file drop-down list on the top navigation bar of vMAP main page to open the Add new layer window. Then you can assign that new layer to a layer group by choosing an option from the Layer group drop-down menu.


To add an existing map layer to a layer group, please follow these steps:

Step 1. Load the mapview with the layer group to vMAP main page. On the Layer Manager panel to the right, click on the image1011 button that is located to the right of the layer group’s title to activate the Add layer window.

Please note that the layer is only temporarily added to a layer group by this step.


Step 2. Input keywords in the search box to find the desired layer.

Step 3. To add a selected layer to the layer group, click on the image1019 button of the target layer.


How can I delete a map layer from a layer group?

To delete a layer from a layer group, simply click the image1023 button (to the right of a layer name).