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Add labels to the mapview

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The  Labeling Feature is for adding labels (text or numbers) for points or polygons on the mapview. A label displays the field value of a particular object (point/line/polygon). For example, you can add a label to each polygon to display the total population of each polygon (see the screenshot below).

label 2

Under the Labeling tab (Create a new map window or Edit mapview window > Layer setting step), set the labels for points or polygons following the below steps:

labeling 4

Step 1.
To add labels on both points and polygons on mapview, check both image161 checkboxes.

Step 2. The  Visible from field and Visible to field are used to configure at what zoom levels / map scales the labels would be visible

Step 3. Adjust the font by configuring different fields under the Font section.

Step 4. Choose a label from the drop-down list. The list consists of all the fields of the layer data. Select a field and the values of that field will be displayed as labels for points or polygons.

labeling 2

Step 5. To add the selected label into the list under the Labelling section, click on link field button.


Step 6. Click on Continue button to save the mapview, and then the points and polygons will be displayed on the mapview along with their labels.