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Configure Object Inspector and Pop-up

15 min Advanced

Configure Panel (Object Inspector) in vMAP

Panel setting in Admin Center is used to configure the displayed information of Object Inspector in vMAP Portal, which is based on layer type fields of imported data (Below image is the configured Object inspector example in vMAP Portal). For detailed operations, please check Configure Panel (Object Inspector) for vMAP.

Please note: If you haven't set Panel in vMAP Admin Center first, the Object Inspector area will have no information in vMAP Portal.

object inspector

Set Pop-up window for vMAP

The Pop-up section in vMAP Admin Center is to set the information and style of the popup windows, which display your needed data information of points/lines/polygons in vMAP Portal (As shown in the red box below). For detailed operations, please check Set Pop-up window for vMAP.