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Configure reports for vMAP

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vMAP uses the Crystal Reports template as the report template. To generate and export reports successfully in vMAP Portal, the vMAP administrator needs to configure the report information in  the vMAP Admin Center first. Below is the report configuration window in the vMAP Admin Center.


How do I configure report in vMAP?

In vMAP Admin Center, you can configure report by below operations:

Create a new report

After opening Reports window, click vMap Admin Center update 201801002_54_1 button to open the Add a Report window. Fill in the below required information, then click save button.

  • Name: Report name.
  • Mandator: The created report will be assigned to this Mandator.
  • Report template: The report template that the new report uses. This has been configured in Crystal Reports, and uploaded during the process of managing report templates in the Admin Center.
  • Print Name: The report name when printing.
  • Need select object on the map: The objects (points/lines/polygons) on the mapview need to be selected when printing if this field has been checked.


Copy a report

Select a report from the reports list in the Reports panel, click vMap Admin Center update 201801002_86_2 to copy the selected report. 

Download a report

Select a report from the reports list, click vMap Admin Center update 201801002_87_3 button to download the template of the selected report, which will be in rpt format.

Edit a report

Click on a report name from the reports list in the Reports panel to the left to display its details on the Detailed Info panel to the right. Edit the information and parameters as needed, click vMap Admin Center update 201801002_87_4 button to save the changes. 

Delete a report

Select a report in the left Reports list, then click vMap Admin Center update 201801002_88_1 button.

Add report parameters

Select a report from the reports list in the Reports panel to the left and click AddvMap Admin Center update 201801002_89_1 button in the Parameters panel below to open the Report Parameters window. Fill in the required fields then click on vMap Admin Center update 201801002_87_4 button. Below are some fields that need further explanation:

  • Data Type: The data type of the report parameter, including string, number, double, date, boolean, decimal, text.
  • Default Value: After a data type has been selected, this field would become available. The filled value will display when users print the report on vMAP Portal.
  • Has preselection: If the data has preset values.
  • Preselection: If the Has preselection field has been checked, then administrators can fill in preset value here.
  • Validation Type: Select an option from the drop-down menu to validate the data type of the report in vMAP Portal.
  • Order Position: The current parameter's display order in the report. 0 means this parameter will be hidden.
  • Wizard Page: There are typically three pages when printing a report in vMAP Frontend. This field would be hidden if 0 has been set as the value. 
  • Must Contain Data: Check this field to set the new parameter as a required field.
  • Label: The value that will be displayed on the report printing page.  If no values are set for this field, then the value from the name field will be displayed.

Note: The fields in Report Parameter window are all customised. Contact vMAP support when you need support for the customised report parameters.


Delete report parameters

Select a parameter then click vMap Admin Center update 201801002_90_2 button to delete the selected parameter.