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Create a cluster diagram map

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What is Cluster Diagram Map in vMAP?

Cluster diagrams are used to represent groups of objects collectively as clusters. In vMAP, the cluster on the map represents a group of points within a certain distance. If there are hundreds of points displayed on the mapview and some of them are overlapping, the map becomes more cluttered less meaningful. But with the cluster diagram map, the points near to each other within a defined distance will be displayed as circles on the mapview. The number of points within a circle will be labelled on the circle itself, and the size of the circle is proportional to the density of points (number of points). When zooming in or out, the circle size and numbers will change accordingly.


How do I create a cluster diagram map?

With the following steps you can create a cluster diagram map in vMAP:

Step 1: To create a cluster diagram map, select Heatandclustermap from the extras drop-down menu on the top navigation bar of the vMAP main page..

Step 2: In the Heat & Cluster style settings window, select a layer from the Layer panel to set the cluster map style.

Step 3: On the Cluster Syle tab, check the heatmap8 checkbox. Set the Cell size and Sub-division fields. Edit the other fields as needed.
Step 4: To preview the cluster map settings, click the generate_button button.

In the bottom grid, you can adjust the Area color, Opacity, Radius settings manually by clicking the values. (see screenshot below)

Actions column introduction:

  • To copy a setting, click the heatmap14 icon.
  • To move the position of the setting, click the heatmap15 icon.
  • To delete one setting, click the heatmap16 button.


Step 5: To view the heat map result, click the save button. Make sure the layer containing the data is active, and locate its position on the mapview to see the cluster diagram map being displayed. The total number of points in a cluster will change accordingly when zooming in/out on the mapview.