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Cut the polygon on the mapview

3 min Medium

With vMAP Cut polygon feature, the overlapping part of multiple polygons will be cut out. To cut a polygon, follow these steps:

Step 1. To open the Cut Polygons window, select the image742 item from the polygon icon in toolbar.


Step 2.
To load polygons for cutting, select the polygons from the mapview and click the image750 button. The polygon name will be displayed in the Cut polygons window. You can update a new name for the polygon.

Step 3. Choose one of the polygon as the Main polygon. The main polygon will be cut by other polygon.


Step 4.
To cut the main polygon and save it as a new polygon with a new name, click the Execute button. Then view the polygons on the mapview, click and check the cutting result of polygon. 


The following instructions are some optional operations. You can reference these intructions when you need. 

1. To set the Key details and Value fields, click the Additional Information checkbox. Enable the Value fields by checking the checkbox, then enter the desired value.


2. Actions column introduction:

  • To select and show a polygon on the mapview, click the image753 button.
  • To deselect a polygon on the mapview, click the image754 button.
  • To zoom in on an object on the mapview, click the image755 button.
  • To delete an object from the grid, click the image756 button.