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Draw a polygon on the mapview

2 min Intro

Instead of importing polygon data from a file, you can also draw and create polygons manually on the mapview.

Steps to draw a polygon

To draw and save a polygon on the mapview, follow these steps:

Step 1. Select a layer from the Layer Manager panel for saving the new polygon, then on click the image576 option form the polygon button on the Bottom Toolbar.


Step 2.
To draw a polygon, click on the mapview to add a start point, then drag the cursor to the desired position and click the cursor again while holding down the [Shift] key. Double click the cursor to save and finish the drawing mode.

polygon add

Step 3. Click on the savebutton1 button to save the drawn polygon and to open the Edit Polygon window. Fill in the Name and Description fields for the polygon.


Step 4. (Optional) In the Edit polygon window, to add the Key details and Value fields, check the Additional Information checkbox, and fill in the desired fields.


Step 5.
To save the polygon information, click the image565 button.