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Edit the information of point

3 min Medium

To edit the information of a point on the mapview, follow below steps:

Step 1. First select the image512 item from the point icon icon on the toolbar, then click on the point while holding down the [Shift] key.

Then the Select Object window opens.


Step 2.
To open the Edit Point window, click on the image518 icon located at the end of the same row of the selected point. Edit the point name and description if needed.


Step 3
. (Optional) To edit the Additional Information of the point, click the Additional Information checkbox. Fill in or edit the needed fields.


Step 4
. To save the edited information, click the image502 button.

To delete a point, click on the geom_delete icon located at the end of the same row of the selected point in the Select Object window.

To move the position of the point, follow the below steps:

Step 1. Select the point and click the Apply button on the Select Object window. Drag the point to desired position by holding mouse button on the mapview. 

Step 2. To save the new position of the point, click the savebutton1 icon.