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Edit the information of polygon

3 min Intro

First, click the polygon toolbar icon and select the image604 item.

To select a polygon for information editing, hold down the [Shift] key while clicking the polygon on the map.


The Select Object window will open.


Click the saveicon button to open the Edit polygon window. Follow the steps below to edit the polygon information:

Step 1. In the Edit polygon window, edit the Name and Description as needed.


Step 2. (Optional) To edit the additional information, click the checkbox of Additional Information. Input value for data fields by entering in the input box.


Step 3. To save the polygon information, click the Execute button.

To edit the area of the polygon, select the polygon name and click the Apply button on the Select object window, then follow these steps:

Step 1. A blue point will appear on the boarder of the polygon when hovering over cursor. To adjust the area of the polygon, click and drag the point to a desired new location.

Step 2. To save the new area, click the savebutton1 icon.