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Export and print routes

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Export and print routes

In the Calculate route window (Route List tab), print the route by clicking image1647 to open the Reports Wizard window.


Step 1: On the Step 1 tab on the Reports Wizard window, select a background map and report template, which need to first be configured in the vMAP Admin Center. Here we have selected the osm background map and the route print template as an example. Click the Continue to proceed to the Step 2 tab.

Step 2: Set the Zoom Out Factor parameter for the report. Then click the Continue button and continue to the Step 3 tab.

Step 3: Input the report details in Name, Description, and Output Format fields. To print the report, click the generatereport button.

Download the file by clicking the arrow icon on the Action list window and open it to see the printed route report. (See the example in the screenshot below)