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Fill color and color style for polygons

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Set the fill color for polygons

The default color of polygons in vMAP is blue. You can either choose one color for all polygons or render different polygons with different colors based on their field values. This can help you make the polygon style on mapview more colorful and meaningful by color differentiations.

To set the filled color for polygons from the built-in color panel, select the Layer Settings tab in the Create a new mapview window, and follow these steps:

Step 1. To set the filled color and open the color panel, ensure the Color radio button is checked, click on the color list color. (See the screenshot below)


Step 2. In the color panel, there are three ways to set the filled color, and you can preview the selected color on the right side.

· First, choose the filled color by moving the color picker to the desired color.

· Second, enter the hexadecimal color code to the HEX input box directly.

· Third, for RGB code, enter the value to the RGB input box.


Set the color style for polygon

Instead of having one color for all polygons, you can color different polygons based on their field values. For example, you can set the polygon colors according to the population of each polygon. With the population number increases, the polygon colors change from bright to dark. (See the screenshot below)


vMAP offers three options to set colors for polygons:

  1. Interval
  2. None
  3. Directly

Option 1. Interval

Interval means to set colors according to different polygon field values. When selecting the Interval color style, you need to set the layer fields manually with the following steps:

Step 1. Select Interval from the drop-down list of the color style.


Step 2.
To color polygons based on a field, double click on the layer to display its Points and Polygons fields, then double click on the Polygons to display the polygon related fields. Click on the field you want the polygon colors to be based on. Here we are using the field Total_Pop as an example.

interval 1

Step 3.
Select color distribution type

vMAP offers two options to set interval colors for polygon fields.

Option 1: Interval distribution

Select the interval2 option. 

For example, if you choose Interval distribution and set the Sub-divisions as 5, there will be 5 intervals for the field Total_Pop, and each value interval difference will be the same (in this example, the difference is 16428). Check the interval results under Value tab and the polygon numbers matching the value conditions under Match tab in the screenshot below.


Option 2: Equal distribution

To set the matched value equally, select the interval3 option. Equal distribution means to distribute the matched field values with equal numbers.

For example, if you choose Equal distribution and set the Sub-divisions as 5,  there will be 5 intervals for the field Total_Pop, and the polygon numbers in each interval will be the same (in this example, there are 5 polygons in each matched interval). Check the interval result in the screenshot below.


Step 4.
After the interval distribution type is set, choose the rendering color for the polygon.

vMAP offer two options to set colors for polygons:

Option 1: Manually set the color by selecting the start and end color for area color and edge color.

Option 2: Generate the color with palette automatically by clicking the palette button.

Step 5. (Optional step) Set others options as needed, such as transparency percentage and border size .

Step 6. (Optional step) In the bottom grid, you can also edit the color details for each field distribution. (See the screenshot below)

Step 7. Click the generate button to generate and apply the above color settings.

color details

Step 8. Click the Continue button to Step 5 save changes and proceed to the rendering result on the mapview. 

Option 2. None

None means that the color interval is set according to the vMAP default color style without any changes. 

Option 3. Directly

Directly means that existing color fields from the uploaded data is loaded so they can be applied to polygons directly. The color field in the selected layer can be either from your own data source or generated by Random Color feature in vMAP Admin Center.

If you choose Directly as the color style, please follow below steps:

Step 1. In the drop-down list of Color(Polygon), select directly1. Click on the drop down menu to the right of the Directly drop down menu, then choose the color field directly from the list, which you have already generated in vMAP Admin Center or is originally included in the layer data.


Step 2.
To save changes and proceed to the rendering result on the mapview, click Continue button to Step 5 to save all settings.