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Fill the polygon with patterns

3 min Intro

Besides filling colors, you can fill the polygons with patterns that you have created using the Edit Pattern window.  (See the screenshot below, the graphic example is letter H)


To access Edit Pattern window, select edit-map from file drop-down menu on the top navigation bar of vMAP Portal main page. On the Step 3 Layer settings tab of the Edit mapview window, a radio button with a Pattern option would display. Check that radio button, and click on image133 icon in order to open the Edit Pattern window. The fill pattern is selected or created here will fill the polygons on the mapview.


In the Edit Pattern window, follow these steps to set the fill pattern for polygons:

Step 1. Draw the desired pattern on the canvas. When drawing a new pattern, you can switch between the tools by clicking on one of the icons tool icons.

Step 2. To adjust the canvas area, click and drag the circular buttons.


Step 3.
To apply this drawing to fill the polygon, click the image140 icon.

Step 4. Save and then locate the polygon on the mapview and view the effect on the mapview.