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What is Formula Filter in vMAP?

vMAP’s Formula Filter calculates the different values (for example: sum, average, minimum or maximum) for a given field of any object type (point/line/polygon) and displays the results on the Formula panel simultaneously. If more than one object is selected, the values of the selected objects will be calculated and displayed. The calculation occurs simultaneously as objects are being selected from the mapview.

For example, you can calculate total sales volume of the stores, select more 10 stores from the mapview, their total sales volume will be calculated and displayed on the Formula panel.

The following calculations are available in vMAP:

  • Count
  • Sum up
  • Average
  • Maximum
  • Minimum


How to set the Formula filter in vMAP?

Please follow the below instructions to set up the Formula filter:

Step 1. To add a Formula filter, click the plus1 button on the left side of Layer Manager panel and click the Formula icon to activate the tab.


Step 2.
Set name and fields.

  • Name the Formula and add a new description.
  • Select Layer and Field of data.
  • Select a calculation operation from the drop-down list of COUNT (number of values), SUM (sum of values), AVG (average of values), MAX (maximum value), MIN (minimum value).
  • Enter a Prefix and/or Suffix as needed. The Prefix and Suffix will be displayed with the Formula result value. For example, if you are setting the Formula for sales volume, the Prefix can be Food Sales, and the Suffix can be USD. (See the example result in screenshot below)

Step 3. To save the changes and proceed to see the result of Formula, click the save button.


Step 4.
The Formula Filter results will be displayed on the Color Filter panel (See screenshot below). Click on one or more objects on the mapview to display the calculated results simultaneously.


Icon introduction:

The Formula panel is expanded by default, you can click on the arrow button formula4 to collapse and expand the Formula Filter results.

To refresh the Formula data, click the colorprofile8 button.

To edit the Formula filter conditions, click the colorprofile9 button.

To delete the Formula filter, click the colorprofile10 button.