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Geocode addresses in vMAP

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How do I geocode addresses in vMAP?

To geocode in vMAP Portal, see the following steps:

Step 1. Upload dataset

vMAP supports Excel and CSV files for geocoding purposes. In order to get geocoded results without errors, the uploaded file must contain the following fields: House No., Street, ZIP code, City/Town, Country.

If you are not familiar with geocoding, you can download the Excel sample file template or CSV sample file template to check the format and field, then upload to try out the geocoding feature.

(Note: The format of the uploaded dataset should be consistent with the sample file. If you want to edit a file in CSV format, we recommend using Notepad++).

Open the Import Data window through the vMAP Portal by clicking on the Import Data option under the File drop-down list from the top navigation bar. Please refer to Upload data file for detailed operations.


Step 2. Proceed geocoding

Once the Import Data Window is open, click on the Point and Polygon Mapping tab in order to access the geocoding feature. Ensure the Point checkbox in the Point and polygon mapping tab is checked.

1. In the Coordinate source line, click the Geocode radio button as the coordinate source.

2. The required fields of imported data are Country, City, Zip code, Street, and Street number. You need to match these geocoding fields with the fields of the imported data file. To activate the country code, check the Activate country code checkbox.


3. To start the geocoding process, click the startgeocoding button, and the geocoding process will display in the bottom left corner. (See the Action list below)


4. When the geocoding process finishes, the geocoded result will be displayed in the Geocoding window. The geocoded X, Y coordinates will be listed in the grid as three types.

  • The Distinct entry tab shows the accurate geocoding result.
  • The Not distinct tab displays the fuzzy geocoding result.
  • The Not Found tab shows the items that are not found or geocoded successfully.


. To export the geocoding result, select the exported format and click the Export button.

After importing the exported data file into vMAP again and creating a mapview with it, the geocoded addresses will display as points on the mapview.