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What is Histogram Filter in vMAP?

Histograms are a type of bar chart. It is an estimate of the probability distribution of a continuous variable. That is, you would divide the entire range of values into a series of intervals, then count the number of values that fall into each interval. In vMAP, Histogram is one of the dynamic filtering features. You can generate a Histogram for a vMAP mapview according to different field values, then you can click and drag the bars on the Histogram Panel using a brush (sliding window) to filter the data by a custom interval. The selected data will be displayed on the mapview in real time.

In the following example, the Histogram bars are used to filter the population data that are visualised as demographics polygons on the vMAP mapview. Population data of demographic polygons are divided into 10 intervals, the polygons with corresponding population be will listed in the corresponding interval as bar.


How to set the Histogram Filter?

With the following instructions you can learn how to set up the Histogram Filter:

Step 1. To add a Histogram filter, click the plus1 button on the left side of Layer Manager panel and click the Histogram icon to activate the tab.


Step 2.
Set name and fields.

  • Name the Histogram and add a new description.
  • Set the interval—that is, divide the entire range of values into a series of intervals.
  • Select the Layer and Field whose values define the Histogram.

Step 3. To save the changes and proceed to see the result of Histogram, click the save button. The Histogram filter results will be displayed to the right of the mapview. (See screenshot below)


How do I filter data with Histogram?

To filter the data and display it on the mapview, click on the brush (sliding window) and drag it across the Histogram to include only the bars you want to display. The corresponding polygon will be displayed on the mapview according to the bars that you selected in the Histogram simultaneously. The polygons of those unselected bars will not be displayed on the mapview.


Icon introduction:

The Histogram is expanded by default, you can click on the arrow button colorprofile7 to collapse and expand the Histogram Filter results.

To refresh the Histogram data, click the colorprofile8 button.

To edit the Histogram filter conditions, click the colorprofile9 button.

To delete the Histogram filter, click the colorprofile10 button.