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Load points into the calculator

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In the Calculate route window, vMAP offers the following four methods for loading points (stops) into the table:

Method 1: Load points by searching

There are two approaches available:

· Fuzzy search

· Multi-parameter search

Approach 1: Fuzzy search

n the Calculate route window, input search values in the search box. Then select the desired points and click on applybutton button to load the list.


Approach 2
: Multi-parameter search

In the Calculate route window, Click the image197 icon to switch between fuzzy and multi parameter search modes. (See the red box in the screenshot below.)


Method 2: Load point by drawing a point on the mapview.

To draw a point and load it into the list, follow these instructions:

· To add a point in the center of the mapview, click the icon image1502.

· Click and drag the marker to a desired position.

· After the position is comfirmed, click the image1489 icon, the new point will be loaded into the Calculate route window.


Method 3:
Load points by selecting them from mapview.

1. Locate and select the desired points on the mapview. (See the red box in the screenshot below) You can load a single point by clicking on it one by one or load multiple points while pressing the [Ctrl] key.

2. To load the selected points into the list, click the image1511 icon on the Calculate route window.


Method 4:
Load points from file

If you have uploaded the file with points into vMAP previously, you can load the point data file using the File Explorer and following these instructions:

· In the Calculate route window, open File Explorer window by clicking on image1514 icon. From the File Explorer window, select the target file, then click on Execute button.