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Manage icons for vMAP users

5 min Intro

The Icon Editor window in the Admin Center can be used to manage all icons which belong to the current admin account, as well as create new icons.  These icons can be used for marking objects in vMAP Portal frontend, or setting your company's logo.

You can get started by clicking Icon Editor on the left side of the page. PNG is the supported format when uploading icons.


How do I manage icons?

To manage icons, please refer to the following steps:

Create a new icon

1. Upload an icon

Click on the plus2 icon in the box from the Upload new icon panel, and select an image from your local disk. Or you can directly drag an icon from local disk into the box to upload it.

2. Resize the icon

To resize the newly added icon, there are two ways:

Option 1. Click and drag the crop box vMap Admin Center update 201801002_96_0 at the bottom right corner of the previewed image.

Option 2. Resize the icon by editing the H(px) and W(px) directly.

3. Rename the new icon

The name of the uploaded icon is prefilled with the original file name on your local disk, you can also rename it.

4. Select Mandator for the icon

If you have multiple Mandators in system, then all Mandators assigned to your admin user will be listed below. You can assign the newly uploaded icon to a specific Mandator by checking that Mandator.

Search icons

There are two options to search for icons from the list.

Option 1. Fuzzy Search by icon name

Input your search keyword, and the icons that match the condition will be displayed in the table below..

Option 2. Filter icons by Mandator

You can select common or Mandators as needed. Common icons are the icons used for all users. Mandator icons are used only for the users who are assigned with the specific Mandator.

Delete an icon

Check the checkbox of an icon item in the list, then click deletebutton button.

Note: You can only delete the icons which have been allocated to your Mandator, but not the system default icons.