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Manage vehicle for delivery

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Edit vehicle information for accurate routing

To set vehicle information after loading points, follow these instructions:

Step 1. To set the date and departure or arrival time, click the calendar time.

Step 2. To choose a vehicle type, click the vehicle list calculateroute2.


Step 3. Manage the vehicle options.

To open the vehicle Options window, click on the image1582 icon to the right of the vehicle drop-down menu. Or you can select the vehicle item from extras on the main page. Select a category from the Vehicle Profile panel to the left and change details as required in each section in the right side panel

In the Vehicle profile panel, you can set the following categories' information for the vehicle:

  1. General
  2. Costs
  3. Speed
  4. Break time
  5. Technical data

a. In the General information tab, you can configure the following settings: Current Vehicle Profile, Transportation Type, Service provider, Optimization (see the screenshot below).


b. In the Costs information tab, you can configure the Distance, Time cost and Fixed costs per trip.

c. In the Speed information tab, you can configure the speed range for different kind of ways.

d. In the Break Time information tab, you can configure the Driving time, Break time and Duration of the stay at each station.

e. In the Technical Data information tab, you can configure the specification of the vehicles.

Step 4
. Click the confirm button to save the vehicle information.