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Plan routes

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How do I plan routes in vMAP?

The routing function in vMAP helps you get the optimal routes with lower costs, and manage your delivery team efficiently.

For example, a chain supermarket delivery team needs to deliver goods between multiple supermarkets and suppliers. vMAP can help calculate the optimal route combined with traffic conditions, and get more accurate delivery time and costs by setting the break time for each address with delivery car speed. Furthermore, you can save and export the routing results as reports for the delivery team to check on their way to ensure that they are on time.


How do I calculate routes with vMAP?

Step 1. Open the Calculate route window

Select Calculateroute from the extras dropdown menu on the Top Navigation bar to open the Calculate route window.


Step 2. Load points into the calculator

In order to use the routing function, load at least two points (as the first mandatory step).

There are four methods available to load points. Please check out Load points into the calculator to review the detailed steps.

Step 3. Edit loaded points for routing

After the points are loaded into the calculator, users can edit the deliviery order and parameters of loaded points. Please check out Edit loaded points for routing for detailed steps.

Step 4. Edit vehicle information for accurate routing

Beyond the calculation and planning of routes, vMAP support detailed management of the delivery vehicles. To set vehicle information after loading the points, please check out Manage vehicles for delivery for details.

Step 5. Start to calculate routes

After the points are loaded and edited, and the vehicles are configured, the users can move to calculating the routes. Please check out Start to calculate routes to review the detailed steps of the calculate routes process.

Step 6. Export and print routes

When the routing is completed, users can export and print the routes to share with others. Please check out Export and print routes for details.

Step 7. Save the route

The calculated routes can be archived in vMAP File Explorer and used for other delivery assignment conveniently. Please check out Save the planned routes to view details.