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Save the planned routes

2 min Intro

There are two methods to save the route:

Method 1: Save route to the File Explorer

To save a route, follow these instructions:

1. To open the File Explorer window, click on the image1680 icon on the top right corner of Calculate route window.
2. Select a folder and name the route using the File Explorer window, then click on save button to save the file for the route.


Method 2
: Save route to a layer

To save the route to a layer, follow these steps:

1. A route can also be saved to a layer as a line string. To open the Save route window, click image1691 on the top right corner of the Calculate route window. On the Save route window, select a layer and edit the field information.


2.  To add more information, check additionalinfo to open the Additional Information window. Enter the details for the Value field, click on Execute button to save the information.