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Search objects by radius

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The Search Objects by Radius tool enables the user to display an area around an object on the mapview based on different distance types. For example, the user can plan for an advertising area for a store that is within driving distance of 1km.

To search for objects by radius, follow the below steps:

Step 1. To open the Search by radius window, click on image456 from the Select Objects menu arrow on the bottom toolbar.

search by radius2

Step 2. Load an object

vMAP offers two approaches to load an object to the top table of the Search by Radius window.

Approach 1: Search an object and load it

1. In the Search by radius window, to search for an object on a layer of the mapview, click on image382 icon to open the Object Search window. Select a layer and fill out the search conditions (field, operation and criteria).

2. Click on Search button to display the results in the bottom table.


3. To clear all existing filters, click the Reset button.

4. To display the selected object on the mapview, first select an object, then click on image368 icon in the Object Search window.

5. To load the the searched object, check the objects and click the applybutton button.

Approach 2: Load located objects from the mapview

1. To load a specific object from the mapview, click on that object (point / line/ polygon) from the mapview, the click on image406icon from the Search By Radius Window.


2. To view the selected object on the mapview, check the object, and click the image368 button.

To delete an object from the Search by Radius window, select the object and click the image419 button.

Step 3. Select target layer and apply distance type

After the object is loaded, select the Target Layer and the Distance Type from their corresponding drop-down lists, then set the Distance Value

vMAP offers three types of distance for radius search:

  • Radius in Meter: Create a circle area around the object based on given radius.
  • Route in Meter: Create an area around the object based on the route distance given a transportation type.
  • Route in Minutes: Create an area around the object based on total route time given a transportation type.

    distance type

Step 4. To view the search result on the mapview, click the Apply button. (see the screenshot below)