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Select objects by attributes

3 min Medium

The Select Objects by Attributes tools can be used to search for and select objects based on attributes.

To search for objects by attributes, follow below steps:

Step 1. To open the Selection by Attributes window, click the arrow icon on the toolbar and select image434.

selection by attributes 1

Step 2.
Select a Layer from the mapview and an Attribute field associated with that layer, then input a value(s) for the given attribute. To reset the fields, click on image440.

Step 3. Choose a selection Type from the drop-down list. vMAP offers three different selection types:

1. Show all found ones: List all objects with matching attributes.

2. Show all except found ones: List all objects except the found ones by the attribute.

3. Show all not found ones: List all objects that do not match the given attribute values.

Step 4. After confirming the selection Type, click on image444 button. Objects that meet the selection condition will be listed in the bottom table. Check the Zoom in selection checkbox to zoom to the objects on the mapview.