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Select objects under filtered conditions

10 min Medium

By using the Select by Objects tool, the user can quickly select and analyse objects based on attributes. It is particularly useful when there are too many objects on the mapview and the user needs to focus on related objects, such as all stores that fall within an area.

Locate the toolbar in the bottom center of the vMAP main page, and follow the below steps:

Step 1. To open the Selection by Objects window, click on select from arrow icon on the bottom toolbar.

selection by object 3

Step 2.
Load an object

vMAP offers two approaches to load an object.

Approach 1: Search an object and load

1. To search for an object, click on image382 button (Search and Add Object button) on the Selection by Objects window to open the Object Search window.

2. In the Object Search window, select a layer and set one or multiple filters. Each filter consists of three fields: Field, Operation, and Criteria. Click the Search button, you will see the search result in the bottom table. (See screentshot below)

object search4

3. To clear all filters, click the Reset button.

4. To display the selected object on the mapview, first check objects from the bottom grid, and click the image368 button. The selected objects will be located on the mapview.

5. To load the the searched object, check the checkbox of the objects, and click the applybutton button.

Approach 2: Load one located object from the mapview

1. To load an object that is already on the mapview, first click on the object (point/line/polygon) using the Selection tool, then click on image406icon to open to the Selection by Objects window. The selected object will be loaded into the table.


To delete an object from the Selection by objects window, select an object and click the image419 button.

Step 3. Apply selection type

After the object is loaded onto the table, select from one of the following Selection types and apply it to the loaded object:

1. Intersect: Select and display all objects that intersect with the loaded objects on the mapview. See the screenshot below, the polygon with a red circle in it is the original loaded object, and all objects around it are listed on the bottom table and displayed on the mapview.


2. Inherit: Select and display all the objects that fall within the area of the loaded object. (Note: If the loaded object is a point, it can not include other objects)