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Set mapping parameters for layer

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How do I set mapping parameters for layer?

When importing data into layers, you need to match the field parameters of data file and imported layer, so that the data will be imported and displayed on mapview correctly.

Please follow these steps to set the field parameters for the layer:

  1. Select layer
  2. Choose uploading mode
  3. Select Identifier field
  4. Match the data field


Step 1.
Select layer

For the detailed steps, please refer to Select layer for data importing.

(Note: When selecting a layer, if you are a new user with no existing layers and layer types in the account, follow Scenario 1 in the Select layer for data importing.)

Step 2. Select Update mode or Import mode

vMAP offers two approaches for data uploading - Update and Import. The import option is to import data from your PC or vMAP File Manager, and the update option is to update the existing data of the layer.

Step 3. Select the Identifier field

You need to select identifier field if choosing Import. The Identifier field is name field of the dataset (point, line or polygon) that you have uploaded. Source fields are the fields of the dataset that you uploaded. Target layer fields are the fields of the target layer that your data will be imported to.


Tips: The default identifier field setting is fixed, if you do not choose a field as name for the objects, the vMAP system will automatically name the lines and polygons as feature1, feature 2, feature 3... and the points as points 1, points 2, points 3...  (See the red boxes in the screenshot below)


Step 4. Match and edit the fields

(Note: If you do not match the data field, the field value in the dataset that you uploaded will not be recognized. The values of the fields will not be displayed or displayed with wrong field names.)

1. Automatically match: vMAP system will automatically match the source fields with target fields that have the same names.

2. Manually match: You can also match the fields manually by clicking the name of the field.

3. Add new fields to match: To add a new field or get the deleted field back, click the plus button.


Tips: (OptionalSet fixed value for the field

This is an optional operation and is only needed when you want to set a fixed value for the field manually.

After the fields are matched, to edit the value of the field, click on the editvalue button to open the Set a fixed value for this mapping window.