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Set mapping parameters for point and/or polygon

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If the data file you are importing contains both point and polygon data, you need to check the checkbox of both Point and Polygon for configuration.

If the data file you are importing only contains point or polygon data, check the checkbox of Point or Polygon accordingly.


How do I set mapping parameters for point data?

After uploading data successfully, check the Point checkbox. Select an option for Coordinate source. vMAP offers three approaches to configure the Coordinate source:

Approach 1: Direct

Approach 2: Geometry field

Approach 3: Geocode

Approach 1: Direct

If the data file you are importing contains the X, Y coordinates, then you can select the Direct option.

In the Coordinate source line, click on the Direct radio button. Match the corresponding fields of X-Value and Y-Value with the imported data.


Approach 2:

If the data file you are importing contains the Geometry field values, then you can select Geometry field. This can also help to match your data on maps. 

Normally the Geometry field will be a WKT (well-known text), which describes coordinate reference systems for representing vector geometry objects on a map. The geometry field is customarily stored in the_geom field, but it could also be other customised names. Make sure your dataset includes this field when choosing this option. 

In the Coordinate source line, click the Geometry Field radio button. Then match the corresponding geometry field name with the imported data, e.g. point_wkt


Approach 3: 

If the dataset you are importing neither contains X, Y coordinates nor a Geometry field, but instead contains the addresses of points, you can choose the Geocode option. vMAP will transfer the addresses to X, Y coordinates. Please refer to the sections in Geocode addresses in vMAP for detailed operations.

When you finish geocoding and get the geocoding result, upload this geocoding result and follow the above instructions in Approach 1 to configure the mapping parameters.

When you finish the configuration of mapping settings, click the save button. You will see the Action list window at the left bottom corner of the screen, which shows the importing status.


When the importing process finished, a dialogue box shows success will prompt for confirmation. 

How do I set mapping parameters for polygon data?

To set polygon data, follow these steps:

Step 1. Upload the polygon data, check the Polygon checkbox.

Step 2. In the Direct field, select the corresponding geometry field name from the drop-down list, which is usually stored as the_geom field or polygon_wkt field which is similar to point mapping. Select a field from your dataset that corresponds to this field.

Step 3. In the Import data window, import the data by clicking on the save button located in the bottom right corner.


Step 4. An Action list will be displayed at the left bottom corner of the screen, which shows the importing status. 


Step 5. When the importing process has finished, a dialogue box indicating success will appear and prompt for user confirmation.