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Set popup window for vMAP *

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What is popup in vMAP?

The Popup section in vMAP Admin Center is to set the information and style of the popup windows, which display your required data information of objects (points/lines/polygons) while mouse hovering over pre-set objects in vMAP Portal. (As shown in the red box below)


How do I set popup window?

To set popup window, you can follow below steps:

  1. Create a new popup
  2. Edit a popup
  3. Delete a popup

Step 1. Create a new popup

1. Like Panel, Popup is created based on Layer Type in vMAP. One layer type only relates to one popup. For creating a new popup, click or search for a layer type in the left column to enable the right-side popup window. Fill in required fields and change the default values for each layer type if necessary.

  • Layer Type: popup is related to layer type, it displays the fields and information of selected layer type.
  • Header: name for the popup.
  • Body: content of the popup. The configuration is in HTML format, which is similar to Panel settings.
  • Background Color: choose a background color for the popup window from the palette. 
  • Default Width and Height: the size of the popup in pixel.

2. Click save button to save the popup setting for the selected layer type. Then a Popup ID has been generated automatically and read only. In vMAP Portal, to check a created popup window of one object, hover you mouse over an object (point/line/polygon), the information of the object will pop up.

3. To disable the popup, you can delete the popup directly in vMAP Admin Center; Or locate and click the user name on the top right corner of vMAP Portal main page, check the checkbox of Disable automatic popup from the Edit settings window.

Note: Popup window is disabled in vMAP Portal by default, please uncheck the checkbox of Disable automatic popup to display it after configuring in Admin Center. If all operation steps have been completed, the Popup window will display in vMAP Portal when hovering a configured object (shown as below image).

vMap Admin Center update 201801002_69_2

Step 2. Edit a popup

1. Select a layer type from the Layer Type drop down list.

2. Then the popups belonging to the selected layer type will be listed in the grid below, click on popup name, its details will be displayed in the right window. Edit the fields as needed, then click vMap Admin Center update 201801002_72_1 button.


Step 3. Delete a popup

Select a layer type from the Layer Type drop down list, then the popups belonging to the selected layer type will be listed in the grid below, click vMap Admin Center update 201801002_72_4 button in the right window.