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Set random color for polygons *

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What is random color in vMap?

The random color function can render the polygons with different colors, and make sure that the two adjacent polygons will definitely not have the same color. This helps best differentiate and view different areas on maps.


How do I set random color?

1. Click vMap Admin Center update 201801002_74_1 button to load the layer that its polygons will be rendered. Then the configuration window opens.


2. Select a layer and color field from the drop-down list.

Color Field: It is used to store the colors, and has been configured previously when creating the layer. You can check the field name as GC field in the layer type which the selected layer belongs to.

Each GC field relates to one field name, which helps choose correct field name when you choose to directly color the layers with random colors in vMAP Portal.


Input any RGB color code to select the color to render the polygon, click vMap Admin Center update 201801002_75_1 button to add the color into the color grid below.

4. Click vMap Admin Center update 201801002_75_2 button, the rendering process will start. The rendering status can be checked in the below window.

5. When the rendering finishes, the status will be marked as vMap Admin Center update 201801002_75_3.

6. If the process fails, the status will be marked asvMap Admin Center update 201801002_75_4, check the operation process and fields, and start over again.

7. When the rendering process finishes, you can view the color coded polygons in vMAP Portal by loading the Color Field for polygons directly. For the detailed operations to set color for polygons directly, please refer to the Type 3: Directly in Fill color and color style for polygons.


Finally, the random color effect on the layer will be like the below map.