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Set the "Advanced Settings"

2 min Intro

From the Create a new mapview or Edit mapview window, accessible through File on the top navigation bar, proceed to the Layer setting step (Step 3), select a layer then click on the Advanced Setting tab.

In the Advanced Settings tab, users can set the visible map scale range for the polygons and points. In this way, polygons and points are only visible within the map scale range that you set.

To set the Visible from and Visible to fields, check the Activate Field checkbox, then click on the drop-down menu to choose a desired valu for the visible range.

advanced setting

After the range is set, save and load the mapview. Locate the slider with a circular icon between two flag icons, found towards the bottom right of the bottom Toolbar. (See the screenshot below) The chosen objects (points, lines and polygons) are only visible when the circle button stays between the two flags.