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Share and print the mapview*

10 min Intro

After the mapview being created and analysis done, users can either share the mapview to others via URL or export the mapview to print it.

1. Share map

Online sharing feature of vMAP is especially useful if you want to share the mapview to non-vMAP users. For example, you can embed the mapview URL which shows your branch store locations on your website, then the mapview will directly display on your website. Update the URL as needed, and the mapview will be updated accordingly. So visitors can view the up-to-date mapviews with your latest store distributions. Please refer to the article Share map for detailed steps.

Beside the online sharing feature, vMAP also provides Teamview map feature. Teamview is the real-time screen sharing feature. A moderator can share his vMAP mapview to other invitees with certain rights limitation. vMAP can define in database what each invitee can operate during the online Teamview, e.g. view, edit, or other operations. Please refer to the article Teamview map for detailed steps.

2. Print map

With the powerful reporting feature of vMAP, each mapview can be exported and printed. When you finish all operations on your mapview, export the mapview from vMAP and print this map out for offline communication. Please refer to the article Print map for detailed steps.