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Split a polygon

5 min Medium

To split two polygons, follow these steps:

Step 1. Select a polygon on the mapview by clicking on the polygon. To open the Split Polygon window, select image666 from the polygon toolbar icon in toolbar on the mapview.


Step 2.  The polygon Name and Target layer will be displayed in the Split Polygon window. Choose a target layer where the split two layers will be saved later.

Step 3. To draw a line across the selected polygon for splitting, click the Create Line image674 button. Hold down the [Shift] key while moving the cursor,  click on the map to mark the start point and double-click to mark the end point, forming a line.

To reset the Split Polygon window and select another polygon, click the Select Another Polygon image675 button.

Step 4. To save the splitting operation, click the Execute button to proceed.


Step 5
. Set the Name and Description of the two new split polygons. Also set the field values if needed (see the screenshot below). vMAP offers two approaches to set the field values:

Approach 1: Set the field value by batch processing.

Approach 2: Set the field value one by one manually.


Approach 1: Set the field values by batch processing

Follow these steps to batch process values of split polygons:

Step 1. To copy the value of each field from the original polygon to the corresponding values of the two split polygons, click the Copy image692 button.

Step 2. To split the value of each field from the original polygon to the two split polygons evenly, click the Average image694 button.

Step 3. To reset the value of each field of the two split polygons, click the Clearimage696button.

Step 4. To save the split polygons, click the Execute button. Then you can locate these two split polygons on the target layers.

Approach 2 :Set the field values one by one manually

Approach 2 is different from Approach 1 in that you can set the field values one by onem and they will not be affected by the original polygon's values. The icons have the same functionalities as Approach 1. 

When getting back to vMAP center map panel and selecting the polygon, you will find it will be three polygons now: the original polygon, two split polygons in target layer.