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Start to calculate routes

2 min Intro

In the Calculate route window, calculate route and view the route information by following these instructions:

1. After loading desired points (stops), click on Calculateroutebutton button on the Calculate route window to start the route calculation process.

2. View the progress of the route processing in the Action list window towards the bottom left of the vMAP main page.

3. When the process is complete, a blue route displays on the mapview along with the route sequence and details. (See the screenshot below)


4. To calculate and display an alternate route in a different color on the mapview, click on the enter_route tab to go back to previous settings. Select a set of points, and click on Calculatealternativeroute button to calculate an alternative route. (See the green line in the screenshot below)

Note: Only specific service providers enables to calculate alternative route, please contact vMAP support [email protected] for more details.


5. The routelist20 panel displays the distance between each stop. The Tollcalculation panel displays details of standard Roads, special toll roads, as well as the total cost.