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Style polygon

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Once you have uploaded your spatial data to vMAP or created polygons on the layers, you can customise the polygon style by changing the fill color or adding patterns to the polygons. Styling polygons is helpful for differentiating individual polygons and for more easily comparing and visualising polygons with related information.

How do I customise the polygon style?

1. To customise the polygon style, click the editvalue icon on the top right corner of the Layer Manager panel on the vMAP main page to open the Edit mapview window.

2. In the Edit mapview window, select the target layer from the list on the Select layer step, then customise the polygon style in the Layer setting tab under the Layer setting step..


3. In the Layer Settings tab, you can customise polygons by following below steps:

Option 1: Set the fill color and color style for polygons

Please refer to the steps in Fill color and color style for polygons for detailed operations.

Option 2: Fill the polygon with patterns

Apart from filling polygons with colors, you can also fill the polygon with patterns/drawings. Please refer to the steps in Fill the polygon with patterns for detailed operations.

Option 3: Add lables to the mapview

Please refer to the steps in Set labeling for mapview for detailed operations.