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What is Time-series Filter in vMAP?

Time-series is one of vMAP's dynamic filtering features. It is similar to the Histogram Filter feature, but Time-series uses temporal values as the interval value. With the Time-series Filter, you can filter any field value by a temporal value (minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, quarterly, years).  Click and drag the bars on the Time-series panel using a brush (sliding window) to filter the data by a custom interval. The corresponding polygons and points will be displayed on the mapview in real-time.

For example, you can filter by the monthly sales volume of a store. Select the sale volume as the filtered Field, and select Month as the Date interval, then the sales volume of each month will be listed as bar in the corresponding interval. Click and drag the bars on the Time-series panel to display to filtered data on the mapview..


How to set time-series filter in vMAP?

Please follow the below instructions to set up the Time-series filter:

Step 1. To add a Timer-series, click the plus1 button on the left side of Layer Manager panel and click the Timer-series icon to activate the tab.


Step 2. Set name and fields.

  • Name the Time-series and add a new description.
  • Select Layer and Field of data. (Note: The Field must contain the time value of Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, Quarterly or Years. Please refer to the sections in Configure layer type in vMAP Admin Center for the operations about setting GC field format.)
  • Select one Date format from the drop-down list of Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, Quarterly or Years.

Step 3. To save the changes and proceed to see the result of Time-series, click the save button. The Time-series result will be displayed to the right of the mapview (See screenshot below).


How do I filter data with Time-series?

To filter and show the data on the mapview, click and drag a bar in the Time-series panel. The corresponding polygons or points will be displayed on the mapview in real time. The corresponding polygons of those unselected bars will not be displayed on the mapview.


Icon introduction:

The Time-series panel is expanded by default, you can click on the arrow button timeseries5 to collapse and expand the Time-series Filter results.

To refresh the Time-series data, click the colorprofile8 button.

To edit the Time-series filter conditions, click the colorprofile9 button.

To delete the Time-series filter, click the colorprofile10 button.