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Upload and edit an icon

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How do I upload or edit icon for points?

For point styles, you can replace the default icon for a point with your own icon, logo or image.


To customise point styles, click on editicons option from extras, accessible from the top navigation bar, to open the Edit icons window.   Then follow these steps:

Step 1. Select an image

To select an image from your local disk, click the image978 button. Please ensure your image is in PNG format with a maximum size of 5M.

Step 2. Edit icon size

After you upload the icon, edit the name, height [H (px)], and width [W (px)] of your icon.

You can also edit the icon size by directly clicking and dragging it. Click on image987 button towards the upper right corner of the Add New Icon panel. 

To reset the changes, click on editicon3 button on the upper right corner of the resized icon.

Step 3. Confirm uploading

Click the image992 button on lower left corner of the Edit icons window to upload it.

Step 4. Search and delete

To search for an existing icon, enter a keyword (e.g., picture name) in the search input box.

To delete an icon, select the target image, and click the image1000 button in the Edit icons window. Please note the system icons cannot be deleted.