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Upload data file

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Steps to upload data file

In the Import data window, upload data file by following these steps:

Step 1. Open the Import data window

In the File button drop-down menu, select Importdata to open the Import data window.

Step 2. Choose File type

The default File type is Shapefile (Zip). You can choose from other supported file types: CSV, KML, MS Excel, or Mapinfo TAB/MIF (Zip).


Step 3.
(Optional) Configure Additional settings

This step is only necessary when uploading a CSV file and the Field and Text values contain delimiters.

1. To set additional parameters, click the delimiter button to the right of the 'File type' text to open the Additional parameters window.

2. Select the Encoding format. The default format of Encoding is Unicode (UTF-8), which is the most common CSV encoding format.

4. vMAP uses the Semicolon as the delimiter. If the delimiter of your file is not semicolon, you need to enter the delimiter of your CSV file in the Field and Text Delimiter input fields and click on the Execute button to proceed.


Step 4
. Choose Coordinate format

The default Coordinate format type is WGS-84. You can choose from the supported types of WGS-84, Mercator (vMAP), Gauß-Krüger ZONE 3 and Gauß-Krüger ZONE 4.


Step 5.
Select source data file

Upload a local file by clicking the importdata16 icon and clicking on the Upload button. Or you can drag the local data file from your PC and click on the Upload button.

When the uploading process is finished, the data fields will be displayed in the table towards the bottom right corner. (See the screenshot below)


(Note: If you are not familiar with the data format or do not have access to any available data file, please download the following sample data we prepared to get familiar with both the data format and uploading process. For detailed data preparations, please refer to the article Prepare data.)

Excel sample data for reference

CSV sample data for reference

Shapefile sample data for reference