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View the map in a freely selected area

2 min Medium

This tool is used to select all affected areas (objects intersected by the selected area) when planning a new area. For example, this allows to know how many demographic areas in a city will be covered when planning an advertising area or delivery area.

Locate the toolbar at the bottom left of the vMAP main page.  Use the Free Selection tool to view objects in a selected area. Follow the below steps:

Step 1. To switch to the Free Selection mode, click image362 from the the selection icon on toolbar.

Step 2. Press the [Shift] key, move the cursor and click the left mouse button on the mapview to freely draw a polygon, double click the left mouse button to save the polygon.

Step 3. All objects overlapping with the drawn polygon will be selected. The Select Object window will also open and display the list of selected objects.

  • To view the the selected objects on the mapview, click on the Show Selection checkbox and then select the the desired object below; or click the entry line checkbox, then click the image368 button.
  • To clear the polygon that you have drawn, click the eraser icon on the toolbar.