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vMAP Glossary

10 min Intro

Background Map

Background maps is the set of available basemaps available on the vMAP Portal that have been pre-configured in the vMAP Admin Center by the system administrators. Currently, vMAP supports Google maps, Bing maps, OSM maps and HERE maps.

Cluster Map

Cluster diagrams / cluster maps are a type of diagram that represents groups of objects collectively as clusters. In general, a cluster is a group of distinct items that are in close proximity to one another.

Color Filter

Color Filter enables users to calculate, filter and render the data according to their values on the mapview in real time by clicking and dragging the dynamic filters.

Heat Map

Heat maps are used to visualise areas that have different densities of spatial entities on the map.


A layer is used for displaying objects (point, line, and polygon) and their associated data on vMAP Portal. A layer in vMAP usually contains groups of objects that may represent a particular class or type of real-world entities such as customers, streets, or postal codes.

Layer Group

A layer group is a combination of different layers and it helps to organise related layers on a mapview. Layer groups behave similarly to layers.

Layer Type

A layer type is the template of a layer, which is used to define the data fields of the objects (point, line, and polygon) on that layer. By setting the layer type, you can quickly identify the layers that have the same layer type for further operations such as layer grouping, polygon merging and splitting, etc.


A Mandator is the user role in vMAP that defines different user rights regarding data access and various functionalities. Each vMAP user needs to be assigned with one or more Mandators before they can access vMAP Portal. Different Mandators have access to different mapviews and operation rights.

Map Legend

A map legend is a visual graphic of the symbols used in a map that tells the map reader what the polygons, lines or points represent.


A mapview is a collection of layers (objects and their associated data) with style definitions.

Spider Map

Spider maps / spider diagrams are a type of visualisation where a series of lines branch out from a single origin point to several destination points. It is often used to analyse the affected area from one point to its surrounding points.