One-Stop GIS Solution

Data Visualisation & Editing



vMAP’s enterprise-grade Geographic Information System is a powerful and accessible mapping software. Load spatial data from your files, database or existing services, interpret using custom colors, patterns, icons, and images, and create meaningful visual maps. vMAP requires no special knowledge so everyone in your company can make and share beautiful maps.


Turn raw data into beautiful visualisations using our intelligent tools and layer styling, then simplify processes for your team with vMAP’s diversified rights management.

Integration is simple with vMAP’s automated processing, data management and powerful API for hassle-free import from other systems.

Minimal coding knowledge? vMAP GIS tools do the hard work so you can easily transform your data into stunning visualisations. Save time and money training your team and achieve the same leading results.

Turn your data, maps, and analytics into hosted maps, analysis services and feature layers. Provide managed access for all of your users using both vMAP for Server and vMAP Online.

In addition to mapping tools, vMAP Portal offers intelligent object inspection for displaying detailed info, images, charts and more. Control user access to specific functions with granular rights management and per layer availability settings. Sharing results is easy with vMAP – export files to send via common format or invite others to view and share map online.

Simple & Powerful Mapping Software


Mapviews and Layers

Organise and dynamically load layers as needed using Layer Group features
Use filters to control which content is displayed to users on the mapview
Layer with millions of objects
Custom Layer Types and Field Sets to suit you


Mapviews let you personalise visualisations by choosing layers and/or layer groups, setting filters and defining styling rules. Name data within vMAP for easy definition and access, and to meet layer requirements without the need to copy data. This enables permitted users to work on the same dataset without base file corruption concerns.


Layer Types & Field Sets

Integrated tools enable content administrators to easily define custom layer types with custom field sets. Ensure desired structure is the same company-wide without data loss worries. These powerful tools can be used to add map layers and specify layer properties, as well as simply set map symbols and label properties.



vMAP provides an unlimited number of layers that can hold millions of objects. As a content administrator, you can even define client and server-side renderings for specific layers within your visualisations.


Layer Group

Layer groups enable users to load certain layers in mapview when they are required. Layers may be specified per week of a year, or by any condition specific to your industry.


Big Data

For many big datasets, location is the crucial component to understanding underlying trends. vMAP’s enterprise-grade GIS mapping features bring spatial analysis to your big data. Place and easily handle millions of objects within your layers for big data that’s more functional and better-managed.

Define layers on client or server side
Set dynamic zoom levels and object clustering
Plus many more large dataset optimisation features


Easily filter the data with multiple creteria. These can also be used to manage and minimise the need for new or duplicated layers.


Layer Rights

Confidently provide users with exactly what they need to efficiently complete their tasks. Layer rights management provide everything necessary to simply and with minimal effort control and manage your team and their content. Assign custom roles and privileges, manage content and roles, and control who can read or edit individual elements.


Object Information

Seamless integration of external data from services or SQL-DBs
Flexible scripting for data display in panels and tabs
Action Links for selection of objects, zoom, printing, etc.

Object Inspector

vMAP’s object inspector efficiently displays data of single or multiple selected objects. Content within the object inspector can vary between single and multiple selections, and can be organised by tab or panel for simple visualisation layouts.


Content Types

Content types include simple text, tables, lists, charts, images and videos. Use within the object inspector to describe the details of any single or multiple objects.


Content Sources

Content can be obtained from internal layers, external web services or database systems connected by JDBC.


Inline Editing

You can directly edit features based on your user rights within the object inspector.



The object inspector’s panels and tabs content can be defined by individual scripts. For example, to display details for a single object yet accumulated info when multiple objects are selected.


Action Links

Data displayed via vMAP’s object inspector can be paired with selected object actions using action links. Options include printing reports, related place zooming, VoIP call launch etc.


Data Visualisation & Styling

Intuitive Mapview Editor for setting custom styling rules
Pattern Fill with predefined or custom designs
Zoom-Dependent Settings for layers, objects and labels
Spider Diagrams, Bubble and Heat Maps

Mapview Editor

Layers can be styled efficiently and effectively using the intuitive Mapview Editor. No coding knowledge is required, even for advanced feature-dependent coloring and random color set rules.


Different, Random Coloring

With different, random coloring you can color objects with a random color that differs to the colors of its surrounding objects, enabling clear, simple differentiation between multiple map objects.


Style Options

Set color and transparency for map fills and borders. This can be done manually, fixed by a set HTML color value, or based on a defined coloring rule.


Color Rules

Easily set rules based on object features or values to define the color of specified map objects.


Zoom-Dependent Settings

Decide what your maps show at every zoom level. Specify when certain layers and labels appear, from overall view to the deepest possible zoom. Choose what you show and when for maximum map effect.


Spider Diagrams, Bubble & Heat Maps

Use a range of engaging diagrams and mapping styles to display and accentuate dynamic map data. For visualisation containing many close proximity points, heat mapping color schemes can reveal data in greater clarity.


Dynamic Charts for Map Objects

You can display charts on your maps based on object features. Choose from several chart types including pie-, block-, line-, and point-charts.


Drive Time/Distance Polygons

Use the integrated tool to create drive time and distance-based polygons for one or more selected objects and parameters.


Pattern Fill

Experience unrestricted creative data-play with predefined and custom patterns to fill map objects.


Data Exchange

Drag & Drop import
Integrated Batch Geocoder
Update Mode for refresh features on layers

Import/Export Wizard

The integrated Import/Export Wizard accepts all common formats including CSV, Excel, Shape, MIF and KML, and supports objects from coordinate systems including WGS84, Mercator and Gauss Krueger. Filter data in the middle of importing process, map source values to destination fields, assign any fixed custom value, and complete many other powerful procedures.



Exchange data easily with other systems and automated processes via vMAP API. Load and modify objects and features using our powerful API tools, and design beautiful maps without specialist technical knowledge.


Update & Refresh

Changing your data, especially via external systems, can cause update backlogs. vMAP’s Update & Refresh mode remedies this with automatic layer renewals for consistently updated maps.


Integrated Batch Geocoder

Geocoding addresses is done in vMAP by our integrated batch geocoder, which enables the natural upgrading and integration of spatial information, as well as provides protocol and direct address correction.