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vMAP is a full-featured web GIS that provides data visualization, analysis, route calculation, reporting and many other valuable features. Without the need for coding or complex setups, vMAP is a user-friendly option for your company. Combine the powerful open source GIS tools with vMAP as a front-end, or integrate vMAP into your own websites and applications over the API.

Yes, vMAP is a web-based application that enables access to your geospatial data from any mainstream browser, including IE, Firefox, and Google Chrome. All you need is to upload your data to vMAP and start using vMAP functions. No need to download or install software, wait for new features updating, or bug fixing.

Minimum hardware requirements are the minimum hardware your computer must have in order to run vMAP successfully. If your computer does not meet these requirements, your computer may fail to run vMAP.

The minimum hardware requirement: 2G RAM; CPU 2-Core, 2GHz; 50GB

Minimum hardware recommendations are higher than minimum requirements and represent the minimum hardware configuration to use for the smooth running of vMAP.

Install Type




Free Disk Space



2-core,2.0 GHz

2 GB




8-core, 2.0 GHz or higher

8 GB or higher

50GB or higher

If using multi-node and enterprise deployments, please contact the vMAP support team by email: [email protected] for technical guidance.

Software requirements. Since vMAP is a web-based application, there are some browser requirements. Please use one of the following browsers to run vMAP. (See the Browser Type table below.)

vMAP informs its users of any browser upgrades by email and posts the information on the vMAP website. 


Operating System

Web Browser



Windows, OSX, Linux
(Ubuntu 14.4/16.4, CentOS 6.5/7)

Internet Explorer 11+

Chrome 70+

Firefox 62+

vMAP supports most of the available coordinates systems, including Mercator and WGS 84.

Our technical support can add any specific coordinate system on demand. Please contact the vMAP support team by email to [email protected] for technical guidance of using other coordinate systems.

Yes, you can use various kinds of Map Providers in vMAP. You can choose from preconfigured Providers for OSM, HERE, Google and Bing, or use a generic WMS provider.


vMAP offers a variety of plans. Each plan includes different data storage volumes and geocoding times. 

For assistance with customising your vMAP plan, please contact the vMAP support team by email: [email protected] for technical guidance.

Yes, and the free trial period is available for 15 days.

During the 15-day trial, account users are allowed to test the wide range of vMAP functionalities.

Please note that during the trial, the temporary account has a limit on data storage volumes and geocoding times.

When your 15-day free trial expires, you vMAP account will be closed. But if you're interested in working with us, this account can be upgraded to a member version, allowing you to keep working on the data you have already stored.

vMAP accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, and (upon request) wire transfer and invoice.  

To arrange authorisation for payment by wire transfer and for further payment information, please contact the vMAP support team by email: [email protected].

Choose a plan according to user numbers, storage volumes, and geocoding times needed. Your data package is supported to upgrade anytime if your plan needs to be updated.

If you can’t decide which plan is perfect for your needs, please feel free to contact the vMAP support team by email: [email protected] for technical guidance. vMAP professionals are available to assist you in selecting the best plan to fit your requirements.

To change your price plan, please contact the vMAP support team by email to [email protected] for technical guidance.

Note: When an account is cancelled, the account and related data are permanently deleted. So, please back up your data before deciding to cancel your subscription.

As a policy, vMAP does not provide partial or full refunds. To ensure that the vMAP software meets your needs, please try out the 15-day free trial prior to purchasing a subscription.

We reserve the right to modify, suspend, or terminate access to vMAP at any time if we determine that you have violated our Terms of Service. Terminated accounts do not receive partial credit. Users can only cancel the subscription at the end of the contract period.

Log in to your vMAP account on page, then view and update your invoice, payment, and plan information.

vMAP also provides PDF versions of the invoice or receipt for reviewing and downloading.


Your administrator in vMAP Admin Center can handle all user accounts creation/deletion. The administrator is also responsible for the data and vMAP features your users are able to access.

To manage the user account, log in to and click on Admin Center URL and log in to manage users.

vMAP provides account holders with this URL format: Users can decide how to designate the xxx component. 

For a custom domain:

  • Use any of your domain names,
  • Set up the CNNAME in your domain management center, and
  • Redirect your custom domain to

Yes, vMAP allows the function of sharing mapview. The system generates a URL when you click on the Share Mapview button in vMAP. Then send the URL to anyone.

Visitors with this URL link can be managed with different rights, e.g. only view, or edit etc.

vMAP supports multiple languages. Set your language in the vMAP admin end, and also customise its values. Please check out the detailed instructions at

There are two ways to reset your user account password:

1. Open vMAP website login page by clicking, and click the Forgot Password item below the Login form. Fill in required fields to reset your password.

2. Contact your administrator to reset the password. The administrator can log in to vMAP Admin Center and click on the user management item to reset the password for users.

3. Open your vMAP Portal login page, and click the Forgot Password item below the Login form. Fill in required fields to reset your password.

Did you forget your administrator account password? Please contact the vMAP support team by email: [email protected] for technical guidance.


vMAP professionals are available to answer your questions and provide assistance and support. Please contact the vMAP support team by email: [email protected], with any questions or problems that arise.

Please contact the vMAP support team by sending email to [email protected]. We’d be happy to address your problems.

During workdays (Monday to Friday), vMAP support replies to inquiries within 24 hours.

Yes, of course! Please do not hesitate to inform us about your great ideas. The vMAP product roadmap is always introducing inventive concepts to enhance and empower the user experience. We’re always glad to hear from users!

Data security

Yes, vMAP hosts the servers in the data center on dedicated instances, which are isolated and secured against internet cyber-attacks.

To back up your data, export the map layer data from vMAP, and store the data on your server.

No. Your personal data is used solely for the purpose of your operations. vMAP will not share customer data with any third parties in any case.

For further questions about data security, please contact vMAP support team by email to [email protected].