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Optimise work efficiency and save money with vMAP


Optimise your work efficiently

vMAP was primarily launched with a purpose of serving the publishing industry. The goal was to assist and offer publishing houses advice on how to improve the quality and efficiency of their geomarketing work, delivery, and data analysis with a GIS software. vMAP shows these publishing houses how to plan, visualise and optimise their marketing campaigns and delivery areas for publications and advertisements.


Key features that improve your business:

Data Visualisation

Get an interactive map of locations, routes, and areas where everyone can see and easily understand the audience's demographic.

Business report

A detailed report focuses on the various , including the analytics of marketing campaigns and delivery as well as the effectiveness of customer service.

User Management

Permission will be granted to users to study and analyse data and functions as well as providing a safe and efficient working environment.

Data Integration

Take secure and multi-format data calls between vMAP and other systems via API. The setup will be simple to ensure maximum working efficiency.

Efficient Delivery

Ensures to save money throughout the visualisation, planning, and implementation of delivery work in many calculation dimensions.

Automatic Comparison

Receiving an automatic report that clearly outlines and shows the differences between calculated and manually updated delivery distance and time.

GeoMedia Planning

Visualise and analyse geographical and sociological information. Businesses can filter the data in real time to seek suited business opportunities and potential clients. These interactive maps ensure that businesses channel their energy and finances into marketing and targeting the correct target audience along with improving and growing your business steadily and with confidence.

Target Customer

Locate your customer base using demographics, consumer behaviors and lifestyle characteristics. Combine the information with geographical locations, so you can easily see where your potential customers are on the interactive map.

Advertise Smartly

Visualise and know what newspapers, magazines are bought and read the most within a specific area. Target advertising campaign within these publications so that your business is exposed to a targeted audience.

Know Where to Advertise

Be confident and organised about where to distribute your advertisements. Whether you want to distribute the advertisement materials within 30 minutes or 5KM distance from your shop, vMAP GIS service offers you a solution.

Delivery Management

vMAP will calculate the most suitable routes for each newspaper deliverer and delivery area. vMAP is continuously worked upon and improved to optimise the major process of distribution services. The GIS tool can plan the delivery area, calculate optimal routes, plan a delivery sequence, and compare the costs of logistics plans.


Plan Delivery Area

Delivery staff can visualise the delivery areas on vMAP by drawing desired polygons or importing administrative areas. Delivery areas can be edited, you can assign the corresponding newspaper deliverer, and check the customer information in the area which makes the whole process much smoother and time effective.

Calculate Optimal Route

Input or synchronise the location data of your customers from your CRM system into vMAP GIS system. vMAP will then generate the optimal and most effective delivery route and sequence for the newspaper deliverer with time, distance and product information.

Pre-configure Delivery Parameters

You can pre-configure multiple parameters including product, vehicle profile, and the calculation algorithm for your delivery. During the process of delivery optimisation, you have total control over all necessary parameters, calculation models, and delivery cycles.

Compare Delivery Plan

The time and distances of different delivery routes can be easily compared in vMAP. You can select different products, vehicles, start/end point, simulate the delivery, then check and select the most efficient delivery plan.



Use vMAP to quickly analyse the market performance and the potential for further development and growth. Any changes in vMap can be trackable and comparable, which can help you to quickly view and analyse the differences on delivery areas, such as delivery time, the numbers of newspapers in certain areas, and delivery distance etc.


Detailed Operation Log

For data recovery and security, vMAP logs every single alteration that users performed on the delivery areas. Take advantage of receiving constant updates and information about the changed areas and time.


Monitoring / Reporting

vMAP can identify delivery areas without assigning a newspaper deliverer, and visualise the house locations in comparison to the delivery areas where a paperboy delivers. Automatic statistic results will be calculated by vMAP on delivery time, distance etc.

API Integration & Operation

Using vMAP along with your current applications and software can be a tremendous benefit for business. The data from other systems like CRM, ERP can be linked to vMAP via REST API with varied format support for optimised data exchange. vMAP now already have predefined connectors for SAP M/SD, JJK and HUP.


Data calls

Call data from your server and software directly into vMAP for an interactive visual display in order to analyse the information in a time effective and efficient way.


Software integration

Operate vMAP remotely via API, from simple processing to creating your own portal client.


System Automation

Build recurring automation tasks by coding with vMAP API to execute and maintain a daily routine.

Extended Solutions for Logistics


vMAP Tourmonitor

vMAP Tourmonitor works hand in hand with traditional systems like SAP M/SD, JJK, and / or HUP, to plan, calculate and monitor the transport logistics. Tourmonitor can track and display real-time position as well as archived tracks. For further processing and documentation, Tourmonitor can export reports as an Excel file or a PDF.


adAssist fills the gap between the classic solutions like SAP M/SD, JJK, HUP etc. and the needs of a modern delivery and transport management software. It connects to the classic solutions and gives users the extra features they need to plan, analyse, monitor and communicate.


Paperboy Portal and App

By connecting the deliverers with the management team (in adAssist), Paperboy is used for deliverers to improve the transparency and efficiency on delivery planning, tracking, and management. Deliverers can get delivery assignment details, log work, and communicate within web portal and mobile application.